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You have already read about who we are, but what you don't yet know is what we stand for. We stand for celebrating women in our community, celebrating our community as a whole, and we stand for contributing when and where we can to our schools, library, local businesses, fire and police departments, and anywhere else we can to help.

What we


As a group, we work collectively to improve or neighborhoods, schools and overall community. Monthly meetings bring opportunities to share ideas, discuss current happenings in Polk City, conduct club business and enjoy fun activities.
We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at Qube Hotel located at 300 Boulder Pointe, from September to July.
Polk City Women is committed to improving our local community. By holding fundraisers and hosting various events throughout the year as needed, our group is able to raise funds to help give back to the community we live in, in the following ways:
  • Annual scholarship for a North Polk Senior
  • Donations to the PTA
  • Provide holiday baskets to those in need
  • Support our local little leagues
  • Inviting various local businesses and community members to speak at our meetings
  • Contribute to any North Polk School District request for donations such as sports, after prom, books for elementary schools and general support for our teachers
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Our Leaders
Sarah Hoodjer
Jessica Faue
Jenna Antisdel
Jana Johnson
How you can join
We know you would enjoy participating in this very worthwhile group and we would love to get to know you!
If you are interested in joining - you can simply come to any one of our monthly meetings, or you can contact Polk City Women for more information (click here to contact PCW).
Polk City Women is a great way to volunteer, get to know your fellow Polk City community members, and give back to our great town.




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